Books may well be the only true magic.

—Alice Hoffman, American novelist (b. 1952)

What Others Say

You can find me on the Internet. You just did!

There’s my own blog, of course. More and more people are finding it every day. In fact, one of my posts ended up on Reddit, where it got no small amount of opinionated comment. Read it if you dare.

I am proud to be the 2016 winner of the AWSA Golden Scroll Award for Fiction Editor of the Year, and both humbled and delighted to be a finalist for the 2016
ACFW Editor of the Year.

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There are testimonials scattered throughout this website, too, but I can provide personal recommendations if

“Jamie held my feet to the flames, but in such a gracious way that I thought it was to warm my toes. Which it did. Jamie, your excitement about these characters lingers in my heart.”

Cynthia Duchti, Author

“I loved working with you—every interaction, every word, every suggestion, every moment. You rock!”

Arron Chambers, Author

“Wow! Your copy gave me goose bumps! We all love it and wouldn’t change a thing.”

Amy Quicksall, Marketing Manager

“I highly recommend you, Jamie! I loved working with you on Caleb+Kate.”

Cindy Martinusen-Coloma, Author

“To Jamie—who loves good writing and still agrees to work with me!”

Kimberly Stuart, Author

“I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with the site. I have had many people comment on the eloquence of the About story, thanks in large to you.”

Chuck Hargett, Owner

“To [my] editor, Jamie Chavez, who keeps pulling me out of literary ditches and putting me back on the right path.”

Golden Keyes Parsons, Author