Books may well be the only true magic.

—Alice Hoffman, American novelist (b. 1952)


A Greek Tragedy in Twenty Words

Have you ever remembered someone you once knew and wondered where that person was? You might have loved or hated this person, might just be a childhood friend … and you just wonder. The Internet exists, so you do a search, see what comes up. Modify the search, try...

A Happy Accident with Auntie Poldi

Yes, I’m still reading light, just as feather-light as I can get. Back in 2014 I pursued a year of reading nonfiction, and it’s looking like 2018 may well be my year of reading light. (Reading lightly? My Year of Indulging in Guilty Pleasures? But that implies … nah....

Editing a Library Book? Shame on You.

A friend of mine posted a series of four photos on Facebook the other day, showing pages in a book she’d checked out from the library. (The book was Sue Grafton’s N Is for Noose, which I haven’t read.) Someone who’d read the book previously had taken it upon her- or...

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