Books may well be the only true magic.

—Alice Hoffman, American novelist (b. 1952)

I learned to read when I was three and to write soon thereafter, and I’ve been doing both voraciously ever since. (Sometimes I even make a little money doing it.) My childhood friends are pleased that I’ve finally gone into writing and editing full time, responding to the announcement by writing me long, approving notes in the margins of their Christmas letters, alongside the news of this one’s firstborn’s graduation from college, that one’s gallbladder surgery, and various trips to Paris, Honolulu, and Cancún.

A professional writer—primarily marketing copy—for more than twenty years, I’ve also written fiction, short stories, essays, articles, and more, although it was when I realized that every writer needs an editor (yes, even you!) that I felt I’d finally found my niche. Today my great joy in the writing life is editing—making others’ writing better, winning over even the most skeptical author with my light touch and sense of humor. I’m convinced that my voluminous reading habit is what’s made me a good editor … not only for my vocabulary and mastery of grammar and construction, but also for a backlog of knowledge that informs each editorial decision. And because I’m a successful writer myself—I know just exactly how hard it is to go to that creative well day after day after day—I have a deep respect for every author, which manifests in congenial author relations and repeated requests from publishers and authors alike.

Want to talk about books? That’s my favorite subject. (Well, actually, my son is my very favorite subject, and I’m quite fond of the Irishman, the felines, my garden, Facebook, and live music—not necessarily in that order—but after that … ) In fact, I spend a lot of time talking about books in my blog, so do join me.

I was born in Valdosta, Georgia, but grew up in California, and I consider the Golden State my home. For some years, however, I’ve made Middle Tennessee my base of operations, where I worked in the local publishing industry until making the move to freelance work. Currently I’m trying to find the line that exists between “work” and “not-work” whilst pursuing my editorial career from my upstairs office (and sometimes the back deck). I count many national publishing houses as clients, and spend my days making good books better.


“Note to self: Memorize this list! “Words I Never Want to See in Your Novel. Please.” I love lists like this! Excellent post.”

Michael Hyatt, Chairman

“You are very, very good at what you do, and I am really enjoying the creative process.”

Todd Hafer, Author

“Wow! Your copy gave me goose bumps! We all love it and wouldn’t change a thing.”

Amy Quicksall, Marketing Manager

“Last night while reading a very popular novelist I noticed several places that needed your keen insight. I thought: Jamie would have fixed that and that. I’m thankful David C. Cook hired you to edit! You’re a gem.”

Kate Lloyd, Author

“Thank you for making this process so easy! I appreciate everything you did: all your notes and the positive way you presented everything.”

Cindy Kelley, Co-Author

“To Jamie—who loves good writing and still agrees to work with me!”

Kimberly Stuart, Author

“I highly recommend you, Jamie! I loved working with you on Caleb+Kate.”

Cindy Martinusen-Coloma, Author